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Bamboo Massage

Pricing - 30 and 60 minute service  for £30 or £55

bamboo massage

Bamboo sticks allow the therapist to penetrate deeper into the underlying tissue triggering tension related points, also aiding in the breakdown of cellulite in the subcutaneous/connective layer. The bamboo sticks easily mould to the body`s natural contours giving smoother, sleeker looking skin and texture as it improves the circulation and helps with lymphatic drainage to get rid of those cellulite lumps and bumps. The sticks glide over the body slowing down respiration evoking a deeper feeling of relaxation, ridding stress, tension and helping to release endorphins promote, reducing pain, leaving the client energised and full of vitally.

Induces The Profound State of Relaxation

This massage instantly relaxes the muscles. It does this by using bamboo sticks to knead the tissues Thus, it lengthens and broadens the musculature. Bamboo Massage tools replicate the action of kneading a dough. Thereby insisting the muscles further relax. Instead of beating them into submission, the tools gently and respectfully soften the structures for optimal relaxation.

Increases Circulation in The Body

The warmth of the tools causes the blood vessels to dilate, which in turn increases blood flow. When blood rushes through the interstitial tissues, it flushes out toxins, provides an immediate healing effect. Individuals with poor circulation may suffer from the discomfort of excess fluid in their extremities, such as the hands and feet. By increasing the circulation in the body, it brings in fresh, oxygen-rich blood to tense, damaged muscles. Lymphatic fluid circulation is also enhanced, resulting in improved bodily functions, lower blood pressure, and the removal of metabolic waste from internal organs and muscles.

Reduces Muscle Tension and Soreness

Muscle tension and soreness vanish due to the increased blood flow in the body, the hands-on Bamboo massage tool techniques work to stimulate the muscles at the source of discomfort and pain. In doing so, it creates a healing, pain-relieving effect. In this way, the body’s natural painkillers assist to dull the pain and release tension. When a therapist focuses on the physical source of discomfort, chronic conditions like migraines, arthritis, and back pain have been found to improve drastically.

Improves Posture

Bamboo Massage can help get the body back into proper alignment. Once muscles are relaxed and allowed to return to their ideal position, pressure points are relieved, and joints have more range of motion, flexibility, and physical freedom.



Contraindications for bamboo massage

Massage with bamboo is safe.  Nevertheless, there are several contraindications that preclude surrender.

These include:

  • diseases with inflammation,
  • enlarged lymph nodes,
  • tendency to haemorrhage,
  • pregnant
  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • epilepsy
  • osteoporosis

Bamboo massage can be adapted according to the client’s requirements.