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Face Gym Massage

Pricing - 45 minute service for £45


Face gym massage is a technique developed in collaboration with the Association of Plastic Surgeons of Italy to strengthen the skin and fight aging.

FACE GYM MASSAGE is designed to restore elasticity, firmness of the skin, smooth out deep wrinkles, restore facial contours, increase muscle and skin tone, relieve muscle fatigue and swelling. The GYM FACE MASSAGE massage technique is a gymnastics for the face. The procedure provides for the impact not only on the face, but also on the trapezius muscle in the neck, collar area. The technique affects not so much the skin as the muscles of the face.


INDICATIONS for massage “Gym face”:

  • age and facial wrinkles;
  • loss of definition of the shape of the chin; •change in the contours of the oval of the face; •excessive muscle tension; •pronounced nasolabial folds; •wrinkles and folds on the forehead; •the presence of a second chin; •swelling and muscle fatigue; •lifting; •migraine headache;


CONTRAINDICATIONS for "Gym face" massage:

  • skin disease in the acute stage;
  • open wounds;
  • hypertension;
  • pregnancy;
  • infectious and viral diseases and herpes, fungus, acne.
  • a severe form of rosacea; •oncology;


You can do:

- after bio revitalization in 2 weeks;

- after mesotherapy in 3-4 days;

- after botox in 6 months;

- after plastic surgery in 2 years;


It is recommended to do before the next injection of filler or botulinum toxin.

Course of 5-12 procedures. Once every 5-10 days. Later once a month to consolidate the effect.  Contact our massage spa in Haymarket, Edinburgh, for more information.